TransVisual Technologies
Enabling Business Discovery

Redefining Transit Infotainment

TransVisual  has launched a Transit Infotainment Channel that enables brands - small and big - to get discovered by their target segment effectively and economically. This channel will engage young, tech-inclined individuals commuting to-and-from their workplaces using various transit modes. The unique content of this channel will ensure high levels of viewer engagement.

TransVisual for Advertisers

  • Access to early adopters and influencers
  • Segmented customers between the age of 23-40 years
  • Increased hyper-local reach
  • High Brand recall and visibility
  • Detailed Analytics 

TransVisual for Commuters

  • Beat the boredom of routine commute
  • Engaging Infotainment content - fun, facts, humor, news, health and more
  • Get to know about new services
  • Access to exclusive deals and offers

TransVisual for Ad Agencies

  • Access to measurable offline medium
  • New channel for their customer brand building
  • Detailed Analytics
  • Ability for barter trades